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The 5 things I’m most thankful for this Holiday season


It’s that time of year again, when everyone gathers with family and gives out hugs and candy with reckless abandon. It seems only fair that if we are going to tell our loved ones we care, that we should also tell the technology that we depend on that we love it as well.

After all, behind every app is a team, and everyone loves a shoutout and high-five. And so, this is my short paean to the technology that keeps my house in order around the year.


Sure, Skype just suffered a major outage, but we only cried because we cared so, so much. Skype is the lifeblood of anyone who spends more than a few weeks a year apart from their significant other. That being the truth, I have clocked probably over a thousand hours on Skype over the last few years, all for free. How excellent is that?

Skype makes video chatting dead simple, and that brings people together. A sip of eggnog to the Skype team for their great product.


Skype is my convertible, but my day-to-day car is Gmail and Gchat. I use Skype when I need it, but I live in Gmail. It is the hub for all my lives. It rules my personal, business, and side project comings and goings, keeping everything neat and shiny and sorted in my flashy priority inbox.

Heck, since I have an iPhone, whenever it decides to stop working I can even pull out some free phone calls. Thanks Google, I depend on you, just don’t leak my emails please.


Everyone who uses public transit knows the power of a good book, and if you are a fan of reading (guilty) Kindle is a must have. I run Kindle on my iPhone, iPad, and PC. The software syncs like a champ, always keeping me in the right spot no matter where or on what I am reading.

Now no one can get mad at me for dog-earing pages, right? In terms of life upgrades, Kindle has been a boon for me. Have a chocolate, Kindle team.


According to blogging rule #746 no blog post can be published without an allusion to the iPad, and I am nothing if not a law-abiding writer. Look, I love Microsoft, but the iPad is amazing. Right now it is pumping hot Pandora love into my ears, all while looking sexy on my table here at Starbucks.

I don’t usually send Apple any love, but thanks to the iPad team for the gadget, it’s damn impressive.

Not AT&T

I am anti-thankful for AT&T. I spent three hours yesterday in Silicon Valley without the ability to make a phone call. It was alright, I borrowed a phone that was on Verizon from a friend and made the call, but it reminded me how spotty AT&T really is.

Coal for you and your stocking, AT&T.

Well, it is Christmas day, so you should close your laptop and go spend some time with your family, or at least your refrigerator. Have a great day friends, talk to you all soon.

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Published December 25, 2010 — 16:50 UTC