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Fallen? Can’t get up? Press Don’t Panic to give spoken instructions to your rescuer.

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For those of us in the northern part of this thing called Earth, it’s winter in case you hadn’t noticed. That mens slips, falls and all sorts of nasty things that could go on. Of course, there’s also the situation that people with chronic conditions face in which lifesaving instructions could literally mean the difference between life and death.

A new device, called Press Don’t Panic, is a wearable voice recorder that you can use to record specific instructions which can then be played back by a rescuer. The “real” story? Here’s a snipped from the website:

This revolutionary device is designed primarily for sufferers of conditions (epilepsy, diabetes, allergies, asthma etc.) which make it likely that they may require assistance while out and about, from members of the public – who don’t have any medical training.

It’s a pretty simple thing, but there’s nothing bad that you can say about a £29.99 device that could save your life. Simply record your message, clip the device onto wherever is convenient and go about your day.

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Published December 24, 2010 — 19:26 UTC