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Meet Phase 2.0: A crazy three-wheeled, all-terrain concept vehicle


While this might not be heading to your local car dealership anytime in the near future, it certainly should get your excited about what the future of vehicles could and maybe should be like.

Who wouldn’t want to drive a three-wheeled, all-terrain vehicle from the confines of a huge wheel?

Introducing the Phase 2.0 concept from Arturo Ariño R. So here’s how it works. The big tire is auto-pressurized which means that it can go over virtually any kind of surface gracefully. If you’re trying to scale rocky terrain, the tire sits at low pressure. If you’re traveling down the highway, the tire is completely pressurized so it can hit its top speeds.

The two smaller tires that you see attached to the main one are able to move and act as support to the bigger tire.

Unfortunately, it only exists in pictures, but hey, if you’re around in the year 2060, you might find yourself flying around the roads in one.

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Published November 23, 2010 — 19:53 UTC