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Dry Case: Vacuum-sealed protection for your mobile device

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Whether you’re lounging poolside for a snowbird vacation or if you’re buried in powder while winter skiing, keeping your stuff clean and dry is a pretty big concern in our mobile world. The DryCase claims to be the only case that offers its level of protection. By vacuum-sealing your mobile device, the DryCase should be able to keep it safe and dry no matter what you’re getting into.

But does it work? We got our hands onto the smaller version of the DryCase (there’s a larger, folio-sized one for iPads, etc) and gave it a look. Here’s what we found:

The DryCase is built very well. In fact, maybe even too well when it comes to the closures as they’re a bit harder to close than they need to be. However, it’s that build quality that should keep your stuff safe. The material used is quite thick, but still provides ample touch response when the vacuum seal is made.

So is it worth the $40 price tag? We’d honestly say so. When you consider that even the cheap end of portable electronics often tops the $150 range, $40 to keep it from turning into a water-soaked paper weight.

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Published November 16, 2010 — 01:00 UTC