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T-Mobile myTouch 4G gets rooted


As they say – when it rains it pours – and just like that, we have a T-Mobile rooting storm upon us. Just yesterday, the folks over at xda-developers managed to get the T-Mobile G2 rooted in permanent fashion and today, the recently released myTouch 4G  has received the glorious permaroot treatment as well.

That didn’t take very long did it?

Very exciting news for those who hold smartphone freedom in high regard. Unfortunately though, the instructions appear to be a little well, complicated. So, if this isn’t your first rodeo you might want to hold off until an easier method is discovered or you absolutely feel it necessary to free up your device.

However, if you are feeling brave and can’t wait to dive into some custom ROM’s, you can go right ahead and get started with the instructions only a source link away.

As always people, take your time and be careful because there is always the possibility this could brick your device if you do this incorrectly. And no one likes a bricked phone especially one that’s as new as the myTouch 4G.


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Published November 10, 2010 — 22:28 UTC