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Seagate Blackarmor 110: TNW Quick Look

Screen shot 2010-11-10 at 10.36.03 AM

A couple of weeks ago, a beauty of a package hit my front door. Seagate had sent me a Blackarmor 110 2 terabyte network-attached storage drive. It was slim, it was sexy and it connected via gigabit ethernet. I was instantly enthralled…until day 3.

On day 3, the hard drive started having really nasty sounds coming from it. You know them. Yes, those sounds. We got in touch with Seagate and they have sent us a replacement while they’re running tests on the original to find out what went wrong. We’ll give you an in-depth review soon, but here’s the introduction for now:

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Published November 10, 2010 — 16:42 UTC