I’m donating to Wikipedia this year, and so should you

I’m donating to Wikipedia this year, and so should you

Every year, Wikipedia asks for donations. Like clockwork, I’ve been ignoring it — every year.

That’s all changing. This year I’m donating, and you should too.

Why the sudden change of heart? Wikipedia has transformed into a source rather than a website for me. Its inclusion into Spotlight search in iOS 9 has made it something I use more often.

As a result, I find myself checking there often when I’m not quite sure I’ve got facts straight, or need to find details not readily available on the Web at-large. It’s still not a citable source, but the information is typically correct.

I search for Swift all the time. My colleague Owen, who captured these screenshots, obviously prefers Taylor Swift.

I also believe that you should pay for apps or services you enjoy and believe in. There’s also something to be said for supporting something you use often; even if you’re just clearing your conscience, it’s worth a few bucks.

Before iOS 9, I likely visited Wikipedia about three times a year. I can’t say I felt compelled to donate anything to a website I visited for no more than 10 minutes annually.

Now, I’m likely checking Wikipedia weekly. Sometimes it’s to learn a thing or two about a historical figure. Other times I’m checking for a distilled list of source information, which comes in handy as I do some deep dives on programming languages — and it saves me a lot of time.

I can’t say everyone will be compelled to donate to Wikipedia, but I am. I take advantage of what it has to offer, and often. If that sounds like you, I’d encourage you to donate as well.

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