Facebook wants to suggest status update topics, and that’s a terrible, horrible, very bad idea

Facebook wants to suggest status update topics, and that’s a terrible, horrible, very bad idea

From staged ‘candid’ Instagram photos to revising that tweet several times until it’s just the right amount of clever, we all want to appear interesting on the internet.

And while part of that means making the right comment at the right time, I’m not sure Facebook is going about it the best way.

In a new Facebook feature test, SocialTimes reports that some users are seeing “Suggested Topics” appear in their status update boxes. These topics include heavy-hitting subjects like “#NationalPeanutButterCookieDay,” “#WorldBikeNakedDay,” and a vague “#LovingDay.”

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 11.18.51 AM

Another user submission suggests that Facebook also tracks your commenting activity to recommend the appropriate topic for your next status update.

Image via SocialTimes
Image via SocialTimes

This is dumb. Facebook is about expressing whatever comes to mind, not what you’re prompted to talk about. The only thing worse than bandwagoning is forced bandwagoning.

In the examples above, Facebook has suggested fairly fluffy topics. Assuming this feature makes it to a full rollout, my news feed is about to get 10 times worse come election season this fall. Unlike Twitter, you can’t mute a hashtag – you deal with what Facebook surfaces based on trendiness.

We already have an issue with slacktivism on social media; we don’t need Facebook amplifying the amount of useless status updates from people who needed something new to post. It’s lazy and encourages trash content.

On the plus side, if you were looking to quit that Facebook addiction, now’s your chance.

Facebook Suggests Topics for Status Updates? on SocialTimes

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