How to start working as an in-demand copywriter in 2020

How to start working as an in-demand copywriter in 2020

TLDR: The 2020 Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle can teach you all the steps to become a working copywriter — and it’s only $38.99.

Copywriting is more than coming up with a pithy tagline for a product. There’s a whole secret world of subtle artistry to understanding customer motivations, knocking down deterrents and ultimately leading to a point of action that turns an audience member into a paying customer.

Oh yeah…and you should probably have a way with words, too.

The training in The 2020 Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle ($38.99, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals) is created for those looking to break into the industry and get working as a highly-sought copy professional.

The 11-course collection zeroes in all the most important pieces of starting a copywriting career, from learning the ropes to tackling specific copy challenges to the logistical process of setting yourself up as a working freelance copywriter.

Instructor and 30-year content writer Alan Sharpe begins your training with The Business Writing Course, full of foundational strategies for finding, engaging and persuading audiences. Next, the three-part Copywriting for Beginners courses sharpen your focus, looking closely at the seven vital questions a copywriter must ask, the importance of headlines and openers, and the gentle tools used to persuade customers.

The instruction also examines the art of online selling with close investigations on crafting product page copy that appeals to readers; as well as what it takes to assemble a profitable landing page. Some of the most glaring errors made by inexperienced writers turn up in Copywriting Blunders: Do You Make These 10 Common Mistakes?, while 30 Copywriting Secrets from the Best Ad Campaign of All Time delves into the success that was 1960s-70s Volkswagen newspaper ads.

Finally, three courses go deep on what it takes to actually start your own copywriting business with How to Become a Freelance Copywriter and Work from Anywhere, Best-Paying Copywriting Gigs: White Paper Writing, and even web basics in WordPress for Beginners.

Each course separately is a $49.99 value, but getting the complete collection now cuts your price to $38.99, or less than $4 per course.

Prices are subject to change.

The 2020 Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle – $38.99

Get the offer for $38.99

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