Start driving more traffic to your editorials and blog posts with Darren Murph’s $20 course

Start driving more traffic to your editorials and blog posts with Darren Murph’s $20 course

If you’ve read some of the less-than-stellar content you find splattered on the web, you’ve probably developed the opinion that literally anyone can crank out a blog post. While there might be some truth in that assumption, there’s a big difference between writing a blog post and writing a blog post that actually demands attention.

It’s safe to say Darren Murph knows the difference. Now, you can find out what he knows about building digital audiences with his How to Write a Blog Post That Drives Traffic course. For a limited time, you can get it on sale for only $19.99 from TNW Deals.

If you don’t know Murph, all you have to understand is that he’s the real deal. He holds the Guinness World Record as the planet’s most prolific professional blogger, hopscotching the globe and melding the worlds of marketing, editorial and public relations into work that garners audiences for some of the biggest brands on Earth.

Whether you’re a writer, editor or blogger, Murph unlocks some of the keys to writing for the web. Over 2.5 hours of instruction, Murph will teach you tactics for locking down steady freelance work, improving your prose and building a portfolio of work that employers can’t ignore.

Murph’s course regularly costs students $29, but with this offer, you can get the same training for over 30 percent off at just $19.99.

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