How to land your first programming job with this $11 course

How to land your first programming job with this $11 course

So, you’ve spent loads of hours building up your coding knowledge and you feel like you’re ready to get hired as a programmer. Even if you know your stuff, there’s still a critical factor you may not have considered: actually getting hired. An overwhelming number of companies are or will be looking for qualified coders, but how do you prove you’ve got the know-how to do the job right?

The Complete Career in Programming Course ($10.99, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals) is the guide new coders are looking for to shepherd them from being a job seeker to a job holder.

In all, this collection features 100 lectures and over 8 hours of content that fuse HD animation, video interviews, templates and interactive exercises into a learning experience that’s both helpful and practical.

This training walks prospective employees through assembling a resume and online presence that get noticed as well as tips for talking with often varied groups of employers, whether they’re engineering managers, human resource heads, or recruiters.

There’s also instruction in how to tackle those often grueling whiteboard coding interviews and even how to negotiate salary, benefits and equity. It’s vital real-world information you don’t usually think about until it’s happening, so be ready to answer those questions before you lock into a new career opportunity.

With this limited time deal, the $179.99 course is slashed all the way down to just $10.99, so grab it now before the offer expires.

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