Smart advertisers are flocking to Instagram. This training will show you why — and how you can capitalize

Smart advertisers are flocking to Instagram. This training will show you why — and how you can ...

2018 hasn’t been kind to Facebook. Besieged by claims of data misuse, political imbalance and a perceived disregard for platform users, Facebook stock plunged 22 percent during a vicious two days of trading in July.

But despite the bad news, it isn’t all doom and gloom in Zuckerberg-land. Facebook’s younger-leaning, photo-sharing sibling Instagram is doing nothing but booming — and savvy advertisers are taking notice. In fact, Instagram advertising spends have jumped 177 percent over 2017 figures, almost four times the rate of Facebook.

With Instagram soaring, now’s the time to understand how to capitalize on that heat to grow your brand with this Instagram Marketing Mastery Bundle. You can get this nearly $800 package of training for $29 (more than 90 percent off) from TNW Deals.

Over five courses, you’ll learn why Instagram is so hot these days for businesses, as well as how to produce Instagram content that’ll reach your audience and convert sales.

The package features:

  • The Complete Instagram Marketing Masterclass 2018 (a $199.99 value)
  • Instagram Marketing 101 – How to use Instagram for Business (a $199.99 value)
  • Instagram Email List Building System (a $94.99 value)
  • How To Do Affiliate Marketing For Instagram (a $199.99 value)
  • 10 Instagram Marketing Strategies That Make Me 6-Figures (a $99.99 value)

Your training will help you craft tangible goals for an Instagram marketing plan, what strategies work with Instagram users (and which ones don’t), and how you can build engaged audiences that will actually spend money with you.

Each of these five courses are valued at $100 to $200, so up your social media game now when you can get the entire package at a fraction of that total, only $29..

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