Guide companies through seismic business shifts with this change management training

change management

In an era of hyper-charged buyouts and turn-on-a-dime pivots, understanding how to maneuver a company through such a transition is an art in itself. You can learn what it takes to guide a business through potentially rocky times with this ultra-timely Change Management Foundation and Practitioner Exam training.

Master this under-appreciated and under-represented discipline with this instruction package available now for $39 from TNW Deals. Part psychology, part behavioral science, and part logistics, this training will walk you through the tricky alchemy of assisting businesses and personnel through major change.

You’ll learn how to identify potential charge problems, help guide individuals and teams toward embracing change, create strategies for better communicating and executing change — and finally, track tangible progress toward a successful post-change environment.

With this training, you’ll also be ready to pass the Change Management Practitioner exam, proving you’ve got the skills and knowledge to help lead a company through its most nerve-wracking times.

This bundle would normally cost over $1,200, but with this limited time offer, you’ll get it for just $39 from TNW Deals.

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