This digital marketing course will teach you how to sell smarter to online audiences (67% off)

fundamentals of digital marketing

Selling in the 21st century isn’t how your granddad used to do it. Heck, it isn’t even how your dad or older brother used to do it. Sales today require an intimate knowledge of reaching customers where they live — online — and you’ll get no better tutorial on the subject than this complete Fundamentals of Digital Marketing package.

Right now, this jam-packed bundle of consumer goodness is available at the limited time price of only $19 from TNW Deals.

This selection of 12 lectures, featuring five hours of content, walks you through all the basic pieces of selling online. This includes everything from understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), to more in-depth strategies of targeted messaging to potential customers.

You’ll learning how to market via email and mobile, how to interpret all your digital analytics, and how to assemble a top-to-bottom digital marketing strategy that’ll have you charting definable growth in no time. No more guessing about your digital decisions — you’ll now have proven methods and quantifiable data to backup all your business moves online.

Start selling smarter tomorrow with this Fundamentals of Digital Marketing bundle, a nearly $60 value now on sale for just $19.

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