Get at the forefront of a cutting-edge tech field with this machine learning and AI training

machine learning

How does a search engine know which pages have the data you’re looking for? How does a self-driving car not drive itself right into the ocean? Because it’s driven by machine learning technology — cutting edge tech you’ll understand with the Machine Learning and AI for Business Bundle.

Now over 90 percent off from TNW Deals, these four courses will give you a complete overview of this fascinating, exploding segment of tech — and teach you how to join the vanguard of geniuses bringing these innovations to life.

In Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Training and Introduction to Machine Learning, you’ll learn what the world of machine learning is all about — everything from the ideas behind the design of intelligent computer systems to statistical and decision-making models to the science driving the creation of smart machines.

With the two-part course series featuring Understanding R and Data Science and Statistics with R, you’ll then explore the R programming language, the driving force behind coding around computer statistics and data science.

After completing these four courses, you’ll not only understand the hows and whys behind machine learning technology, but also have the means to integrate that knowledge into your own projects — and open doors to amazing job opportunities.

Retailing at almost $1,200, this career-boosting package is now at the limited time price of just $39 from TNW Deals.

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