These wireless earbuds easily rival the AirPods… and cost half as much


Bluetooth wireless earbuds are blowing up right now, perhaps because the best ones are so small and lightweight that you practically forget you’re wearing them. Team up that low profile with tremendous sound and ease of use, and you’ve got the new AirBeans true wireless stereo earbuds.

You can get these fantastic earbuds for yourself at just $69.99 for a limited time from TNW Deals.

Rocking some serious Bluetooth 4.1 technology, active noise reduction, and echo cancellation, these buds stream premium quality audio from your device to your ear without any lag. Enjoy your music while sitting at your desk, exercising, running errands… pretty much anywhere.

You get three different earbud sizes to fit almost any ear comfortably, and the buds themselves are so small almost no one will even realize you have them in. When you’re ready to charge the buds, just hook them magnetically to the compact aluminium charging case — it’s that easy.

FInd out what all the wireless earbud buzz is about with the AirBeans earbuds, available for a short while at 41 percent off its retail price from TNW Deals.

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