ActiveInbox turns your Gmail inbox into a lean, mean task managing machine (63% off)


Ever shake your head when you open your Gmail inbox? Probably because you know it’ll take time to pick through your new messages and build your to-do list. But with ActiveInbox, you can have all those task management functions right there in your Gmail account. 

So right now, snatch up a three-year subscription to ActiveInbox for just $43.95 — 63 percent off its regular price — from TNW Deals.

ActiveInbox works by turning your inbox into a revved-up to-do list — allowing you to easily prioritize, create tasks for, and annotate each email as you work through your unreads. Organize folders, schedule emails, track what’s coming, and generate action items that slip seamlessly into your calendar… with ActiveInbox, you’ll have everything you need done centralized in your inbox for optimal productivity.

Now’s your chance to lock in ActiveInbox for three years at just $43.95 from TNW Deals, or 63 percent off the regular price. You’ve also got options, with one and five year subscription options available for up to 67 percent off — see deal page for details.

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