Skip the passwords and log in using Intel’s facial recognition app (56% off)

true key

Considering the average computer user juggles a multitude of different passwords (and often forgets them), the True Key by Intel app is essential. This innovative program lets you wash your hands of the password nightmare entirely — all while actually strengthening your online security — using futuristic biometrics technology.

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True Key streamlines your entire login process, storing up to 10,000 sets of passwords and usernames in one place. Just enter your login info to the True Key app, and it’ll automatically grant you access to any of your sites without entering passwords. In fact, you can even improve your protection by using facial or fingerprint recognition to make sure no one but you is accessing your private data.

Plus, True Key syncs up for use with all of your approved devices — and since you’re protected with biometrics, your accounts will be fully secure from cyberthieves and other malicious forces online.

For a limited time, pick the True Key by Intel option that works best for you. Get a one-year subscription for just $15.99 from TNW Deals. Alternatively, you can grab a three-year license for $25.99 (56 percent off) or a full five years of coverage for just $45.99 (53 percent off).

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