Land a six-figure project management salary with this ‘Agile and Scrum Career Advancement’ training bundle

career advancement bundle

Over the past several years, Agile project management has become the premier method powering software development industry-wide. You can join the ranks of fully-trained and certified Agile masters with this Agile and Scrum Career Advancement Bundle. For a limited time, grab this high-level instruction at just $49 from TNW Deals.

Rather than focusing on a project end date, Agile centers on process. Under Agile (and its popular Scrum framework), managers set lots of measurable short-term goals, all allowing all stakeholders to more easily chart progress toward a finished product.  

With this training, you’ll understand the methodologies that make Agile work. You’ll learn how to set timelines, assemble and manage multi-generational teams and implement the pathway to project success that Agile provides. In Scrum projects, you’ll build a template for planning, executing, monitoring and tracking your projects with complete precision and full accountability.

This training also shows you how Microsoft Excel plays mightily into Agile, including spreadsheet training that will take your management skills to new levels. By the time you’re finished, this instruction will have you ready to pass Agile, Scrum and Excel certification exams and open career doors to high-paying roles at the world’s leading software titans.

Get in on Agile and Scrum now with this Career Advancement Bundle, now over 90 percent off from TNW Deals.

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