The fountain of youth for computers is here, and it’s called CleanMyPC


Got a computer that’s operating at a crawl? Here’s an open secret: Simply clearing its startup and registry clutter could likely return it to peak performance. Rather than buying a new computer, invest in some digital maintainance with CleanMyPC.

Right now, you can get your PC running like new again — and you can do it at the discounted rate of just $27.99 from TNW Deals.

With your single license purchase, CleanMyPC will dig into your PC’s hard drive and give it the digital cleaning that virtually every system eventually needs. It sweeps out all the unnecessary cache, log files, Windows Registry leftovers, and other junk that’s slowing your computer.

It’ll wipe out all the fragments left by outdated or bad program installations, disable unneeded autorun programs, and even shred all those worthless files — leaving you with a streamlined PC that works like it did when you first took it out of the box.

Save on an unnecessary system upgrade, and get your old computer back with CleanMyPC, now almost 30 percent off with TNW Deals.

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