ONE DAY SALE: The Nifty MiniDrive is the easiest way to add 256GB to your Macbook — now at its lowest price

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External storage drives seem convenient — until you start realizing they plug up a USB port and require you to tote that bulky drive around everywhere you go. Instead, travel lighter while still adding 256GB of storage capacity with the Nifty MiniDrive MicroSD Card Adapter for Macbooks.

This super-handy storage solution is normally worth $39.99, and we’ve already discounted it to $36.99. But for a limited time, we’re dropping the price even further to only $32.99 via TNW Deals.

The MiniDrive slides seamlessly into your MacBook’s SD card slot… and once you’ve loaded in a MicroSD card, you’re ready to go. The MiniDrive services any MicroSD card up to 200GB — and because its color-matched profile is virtually invisible once its plugged in, you can leave it permanently in your card slot and max out your storage space without any add-on USB drives.

MiniDrive is built for Macs, so it works perfectly with Time Machine to save daily automatic backups of your MacBook’s most vital files. You can choose for four varieties to fit your individual Mac: Pro, Air or Retina 13 or 15-inch varieties, all at the same low price.

The Nifty MiniDrive for MacBooks comes with free continental US shipping, so take advantage of this holiday price cut to just $32.99 from TNW Deals.

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