This amazing wallet-sized smartphone tripod will arrive just in time for the holidays

smartphone tripod

Trying to take selfies with your smartphone usually involves awkwardly leaning your phone up against something…and crossing your fingers. Thankfully, you can permanently eliminate a lot of that guesswork with the ingenious Pocket Tripod, set to be released next month.

Right now, you can pre-order the Pocket Tripod for just $19.99 from TNW Deals.

The Pocket Tripod almost looks like a credit card — until you pop it open and realize it’s a fully adjustable smartphone stand that can hold your Android or Apple phone in a variety of positions. Whether you’re shooting a portrait, a landscape, or even an upside-down shot, the Pocket Tripod lets you prop up your camera into virtually any position you want.

With its versatility, the Pocket Tripod can help you create any number of creative shots, including time-lapses, long exposure light paintings or even just a hands-free FaceTime call. And best of all, it folds compactly enough to fit into your wallet. Dump the clunky old tripod and annoying selfie stick, and still be prepared to shoot awesome pics anywhere.

The Pocket Tripod is still in production, but pre-orders will start shipping in mid-December… just in time for Christmas. So get it now at $19.99, or 20 percent off from TNW Deals with free shipping to the Continental U.S. included.

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