24 hours only: We’re dropping the price on this Big Data course bundle to its lowest yet

Big Data

For the uninitiated, Big Data is just what it sounds like: The study of all the vast number sets produced by voluminous business reports. Become your office’s data whiz with this nine-course Big Data Bundle, and master the science of finding the patterns, trends and opportunities hidden within massive heaps of data.

This nearly $700 value was already marked down to $45, but we’ve sweetened the pot and dropped your price down only for 24 hours to just $33 on TNW Deals with coupon code “TNWDATA12.”

You’ll get nine courses in all, each covering a different facet of data analysis you’ll need to know as a Big Data expert:

  • From 0 to 1 : Hive for Big Data Processing
  • Learn By Example: Hadoop & MapReduce for Big Data Problems
  • From 0 to 1 : Spark for Data Science in Python
  • Scalable Programming with Scala & Spark
  • Learn by Example: HBase – The Hadoop Database
  • Pig for Wrangling Big Data
  • From 0 to 1 : The Cassandra Distributed Database
  • Oozie: Workflow Scheduling for Big Data Systems
  • Flume & Sqoop for Ingesting Big Data

SQL, Hive, Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark, Pig, Oozie… by the time you’re done, they’ll form the foundation of a new career in big data analytics — with a six-figure paycheck to prove it.

Don’t wait another second: Grab the Big Data Bundle for its lowest price ever, now just $33 via TNW Deals for 24 hours only.

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