4 offers from TNW Deals you won’t want to miss

TNW Deals

We’ve featured some great offers from TNW Deals this week, and compiled the best of them in one place. This time around, our selection features pro hacker training, essential online security software, a handy task manager, and a machine learning course collection.

Pay What You Want: White Hat Hacker 2017 Bundle

TNW deals
Get the tools you need to stop hackers in their tracks with the White Hat Hacker 2017 course bundle. You’ll dive into password cracking, shellcodes, cryptography, and more — everything you need to neutralize threats that can wreak havoc on unsecured systems.

Buy now: Pay what you want for this pro hacker training, and save hundreds in the process.

Brain.fm’s neurologist-approved audio tracks – 80 percent off

TNW Deals
These neurologist-approved audio tracks will take your productivity to new heights. Brain.fm is a library of audio tracks specially calibrated to enhance your though process, tailored to your personal listening preferences. Access hundreds of compositions that are categorized by what you’re trying to accomplish.

Buy now: Brain.fm’s neurologist-approved audio tracks – for the one-time price of just $39 on TNW Deals.

Pagico 8 Task Manager – 62% off

TNW Deals
Pagico 8 goes above and beyond what other task managers can accomplish. This easy to use app offers interactive flowcharts that graphically lay out each day, and help you maximize your productivity. Effortlessly track all your projects and contacts, organize your tasks and notes, schedule with a couple finger taps, and more.

Buy now: Grab Pagico 8 Task Manager for $19, marked down from the regular $50.

Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Introductory Bundle – 91percent off

TNW Deals
This Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Introductory Bundle takes you inside how artificial neural networks are created, and shows you how to build one of your own. Through real-world examples, you’ll experiment with the technologies that power next-generation search engines, Apple’s Siri voice recognition, and Tesla’s self-driving cars.

Buy now: Save 91 percent on The Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Introductory Bundle—just $39 for a limited time.

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