The Full-Stack Marketer Bundle will turn you into a marketing whiz, now just $19

Marketer Bundle

Anyone can be a self-described marketing professional. But to be someone worthy of the title? That takes some specialized training. Luckily, you can separate yourself from the rest with the Full-Stack Marketer Bundle.

For a limited time, you can grab this three-part bundle for just $19 from TNW Deals.

Throughout over 22 hours of training, you’ll master tools and techniques essential to become a full-fledged, highly employable marketing pro. Your training includes the following courses:

  • Digital Marketing Management: Get 10 in-depth courses on digital marketing principles. You’ll learn everything from writing compelling copy to executing a social media marketing campaign, allowing you to effectively drive growth, revenue, sales, and more.
  • Google Analytics and AdWords Tutorials: This two-course package will teach you how to use Google Analytics, allowing you to understand users and implement a content targeting strategy. You’ll also explore AdWords fundamentals, and understand how to create campaigns tailored to your audience.
  • Traction – A Startup Guide to Getting Customers: This e-book offers 40 interviews with successful founders and entrepreneurs. From these interviews, you’ll build traction with the five-step “Bullseye Framework” and optimize your marketing strategy for success.

Don’t wait another second for your chance to become a bona-fide marketing pro. Get the Full-Stack Marketer Bundle for just $19 from TNW Deals.

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