Passwork’s top-rated password manager makes logins easy (50% off)

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Too many passwords? Welcome to the club. Take the headache out of your daily logins with Passwork, the top-rated password manager known as the “Dropbox of passwords”.

You can pick up a one-year subscription to Passwork for 50 percent off from TNW Deals.

Easy to use and customizable, Passwork safely stores your passwords via a single intuitive interface, allowing you to manage them with ease. It’s adaptable to both personal or corporate use — and either way, you can rest assured knowing your private data is safe thanks to top-notch encryption.

With Passwork, you can also access a variety of features to ease password management:

  • Track all your activity, including your updates, history of password use, and notifications.
  • Use a handy public API option allows you to develop your own Passwork client
  • Share passwords by email via one-use links
  • Auto backup all your passwords

Get started with Passwork today and take the headache out of logins once and for all, starting at $9 from TNW Deals. Choose from one-year, three-year, and five-year subscription options per your preference.

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