Play classic games wirelessly with this retro NES / SNES Bluetooth controller

Bluetooth controller

Remember the classic NES / SNES controllers from back in the day? It’s back in the form of the SNES Bluetooth Controller and Retro Receiver Set, but with a modern twist: It’s wireless–perfect for your Android and iPhone.

Pick up this upgraded version of everyone’s favorite controller for just $49.99 from TNW Deals.

Every single detail about this device, from the build itself to its color scheme, resembles the classic SNES version. The dimensions are identical to the millimeter, and the D-pad and buttons are fantastically responsive.

But while this controller may look like the classic device you know and love, it packs some seriously modern tech. Most notably:

It’s fully compatible with all your favorite platforms and consoles:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • PS3
  • PS4
  • Wiimote
  • Wii U Pro

It wirelessly connects to the SNES/SFC via an included Retro Receiver.

All this means you’re free to play your favorite classic games wirelessly, and to dive into today’s latest hits with retro flair.

Ditch the wires, and set the SNES Bluetooth Controller and Retro Receiver Set for 16 percent off from TNW Deals. Or check out the NES model on the right side of the deal page, available for the same markdown.

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