Bypass geo-restrictions to your favorite shows with a lifetime of Getflix, now at its lowest price ever

Bypass geo-restrictions with Getflix

Restricted-access content? That’s so 2015. Here’s your chance to stop getting locked out of Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming services based on your location.

Getflix delivers the entertainment you crave, anywhere and anytime. And we’re dropping the price on this popular service: A lifetime subscription is now just $34 from TNW Deals with exclusive coupon code “GET5OFF” for a limited time.

With Getflix, you can remove the geoblock feature for over 100 streaming channels while abroad. This saves you the headache of missing your favorite shows simply because you were traveling abroad.

It’s similar to VPN services in that it routes your traffic through private servers to mask your IP address and location. But unlike those services, it works super quickly because it only redirects the traffic you need to access your streaming platforms.

Getflix also comes with a VPN service to protect your privacy online, encrypting your online traffic with 256-Bit SSL technology. And best of all, you can install it on any of your devices to ensure easy accessibility and usability.

Unlock the world of global streaming with Getflix, with a lifetime subscription now offered at over 90 percent off TNW Deals.

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