Master Microsoft Excel with this new 9-course bundle (95% off)

Master Microsoft Excel

Want to conquer the one skill that intimidates nearly everyone in the office? Once you tackle the courses provided in the Master Microsoft Excel 2016 Bundle, you’ll have established a comprehensive fluency in the essentials of Excel to take your career – and newfound confidence – to promising new heights. At 95 percent off from TNW Deals, a professional upgrade couldn’t be easier on the wallet.

Most professionals have a loose understanding of the foundations of Excel, but many are hopelessly lost beyond basic commands and formulas. With a little bit of dedication it’s possible to build a high-level fluency to set you on track for success.

Through nine courses you’ll begin with the basics, grasping key terminology and working your way around a spreadsheet, before moving on toward the more advanced tools in Excel, enabling you to report and manipulate huge amounts of data quickly and easily. Executing complex tasks will soon be a breeze, using Pivot Tables and Charts with confidence.

Your Master Microsoft Excel 2016 Bundle courses include:

  • Excel 2016 Level 1 – $129 Value
  • Excel 2016 Mac Level 1 – $129 Value
  • Excel 2016 Mac Level 2 – $129 Value
  • Excel 2016 Level 2 – $129 Value
  • Excel 2016 Level 3 – $99 Value
  • Excel 2016 Pivot Tables – $99 Value
  • Excel 2016 Macros – $49 Value
  • Excel 2016 Charts – $49 Value
  • Excel 2016 Formulas and Functions – $49 Value

The essential frameworks of Excel’s organizational capabilities are a mystery no more. Qualify for a Excel-heavy career with the Master Microsoft Excel 2016 Bundle, now 95 percent off from TNW Deals.

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