Ethical hacker certification bundle gives you the keys to an in-demand six-figure career

hacker pen tester

Cyber security is a rapidly-evolving field, and high-level IT security professionals have a mandate to stay one step ahead by locating and fortifying an organization’s vulnerabilities before malicious hackers do.

These experts regularly save companies millions in revenue and data breach loss, a high value for any business. To leap into a cybersecurity career, the Cyber Security Hacker & Pen Tester Certification Training offer will set you on track for an incredible 95 percent off from TNW Deals.

New threats emerge daily in the digital realm, and your high-level IT security training will ensure avoidance of small oversights which could devastate a company. Through 117 lectures, the Cyber Security Hacker & Pen Tester Certification Training program will put you in command of the tools, techniques, and methodologies necessary to excel in network penetration testing.

Develop commanding knowledge of ethical hacking and penetration testing, with practical, real-world tips from leading security experts to help you succeed in your new role. Across more than 20 hours of training you’ll step into the shoes of the hackers trying to access vulnerable systems, and learn now they overtake network devices, script and inject malicious code, and so much more.

Master security code, threat modeling and web-based vulnerabilities, and establish yourself as a leading source of security confidence and protection for your business. Pick up the Cyber Security Hacker & Pen Tester Certification Training offer, available today on TNW Deals for only $39.

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