Bring your surroundings to life with the futuristic Touch Board DIY Starter Kit

Touch Board DIY Starter Kit

We knew the future would be cool, but few could have predicted it would be this fun.

The Touch Board DIY Starter Kit is an incredible leap of real-life tech immersion, which doesn’t require previous tech experience.

With this mad scientist starter kit, you can now create an interactive environment around you, and speak through any object, anywhere! For a limited time, it’s available at a discounted $139.99 on TNW Deals.

Conductive paint allows you to create an entire ecosystem of sound effects and custom commands, with unlimited fun and resource potential alongside an easy-to-use ArduinoHeart microcontroller.

Paint it on virtually any surface and it’ll conduct electricity, giving you unlimited options for imaginative, interactive adventure.

MP3 preprogramming lets you play music in wild new ways, while interactive wall graphics animate your surroundings. Give your houseplants a voice, so your watering reminders can be more of a Jarvis experience than a wilted-and-brown one.

No programming or electronics experience is required to get started. It’s perfect for beginners, and awe-inspiring for even the most seasoned experimenter.

Your starter kit includes a Touch Board, Electric Paint, essential components and a Guidebook featuring an assortment of project ideas for you to try out.

So wait no more and get the Touch Board DIY Starter Kit for $139.99 today!

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