Ditto delivers important notifications without you having to look at your smartphone

Ditto delivers important notifications without you having to look at your smartphone

A vibrating phone is distracting. It interrupts meals, meetings and even meditation – if you’re into that sort of thing.

However, with the Ditto Bluetooth Alerting Device, you can retake control over your communications, silencing the non-essentials and choosing which notifications you want to be made aware of.

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At just $33 from TNW Deals, this pebble-sized solution delivers uninterrupted peace-of-mind.

The minimalist wearable Ditto device clips onto clothing, connects via Bluetooth and buzzes when your phone receives a call, message or notification.

This immediately eliminates the annoyances of buzzing-phone intrusion with subtlety and style.

Connect from up to 100ft away from your phone, and designate what gets through via the notification filter – you’re in total control.

Your Ditto wearable is designed to be completely waterproof, and the cleverly-designed app allows you to adjust alerts any way you like, offering a distinctive pulse for specific contacts or events.

Ditto is your best ally in reclaiming more non-screen moments, freeing you from unimportant notifications when real-world moments matter most.

And if you should leave your phone behind as you enjoy some unplugged time, Ditto has you covered – you’ll receive an instant notification the moment you move out of range.

Pick up your own Ditto Bluetooth Alerting Device today for just $33 from TNW Deals, and reclaim your notification-loop freedom.

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