Connect 10 computers to remote devices with USB Network Gate (80% off)

Connect 10 computers to remote devices with USB Network Gate (80% off)

Are you still walking across the room to use a printer or scanner, like we’re living in some pre-millennial time warp? We’re in the future, so let’s start acting like it!

USB Network Gate allows you to connect to remote USB devices over the internet and local networks, as if those devices were directly connected to your computer.

Available for both Mac and PC, TNW readers can take an enormous 80 percent off a lifetime subscription to USB Network Gate for a limited time.

USB Network Gate allows your computer to operate remote USB devices over Internet/LAN/WAN, from virtually anywhere in the world if you desire.

If you’re running on a Mac, Windows or Linux system that calls for the same USB security dongle for authorization, you can share access without the hassle of running a physical device between systems.

Sync your phone to your computer remotely, and use up to 10 USB devices over the internet or local network for full-sail convenience across your connected computers.

Whether you’re traveling on business or simply avoiding the hassle of getting up from you desk every time you need to connect to another computer, a USB Network Gate: Lifetime Access pass is there to help.

Get yours today for just $79.99.

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