This new coding bundle trains you to become a Certified Web Developer

This new coding bundle trains you to become a Certified Web Developer

A new professional path awaits in the world of coding, and TNW Deals has a great bundle offer to get you started on the foundations of Web development while building towards legitimate certification.

The Become a Certified Web Developer Bundle offers five courses of instruction spanning 25 hours of cutting-edge coding tutorials. For a limited time on TNW Deals, readers can take 98 percent off the MSRP, paying just $39 for the following comprehensive courses:

  1. Advanced JavaScript Development – $1,099 Value
  • Master advanced front-end development, including professional techniques for writing flawless code through three hours of professional instruction on advanced concepts.
  1. CSS Development – $559 Value
  • Expert instructor Zachary Kingston will teach you to code graphically-amazing website with CSS.
  1. GitHub Fundamentals – $559 Value
  • Learn to streamline your code with the Git repository hosting service, via 34 lectures & 3 hours of content
  1. Ajax Development – $549 Value
  • Conquer Ajax basics through 22 lectures and three hours of content
  1. Become a Certified Web Developer – $199 Value
  • Learn HTML, Javascript, PHP & MySQL via 183 lectures and 12 hours of content as you take part in in over 25 engaging lab exercises.

Upon completion of the courses, you’ll receive a certificate to verify your newly acquired skills. Take the leap into web development mastery and pick up the Certified Web Developer Bundle for just $39 on TNW Deals

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