Learn to design, prototype and develop iOS apps with the Full Stack iOS 9 School

Learn to design, prototype and develop iOS apps with the Full Stack iOS 9 School

If you want to build apps that people love, design must come first. In the Full Stack iOS 9 School tutorials, you’ll cover the basic principles of design and how they apply to iOS apps like Uber, Tinder, Pinterest and beyond as you learn to design, prototype, and develop your own! For a limited time the full run of courses is available for just $39 from TNW Deals.

Understanding the tools at your disposal is just as important as understanding the design and development principles successful developers apply. In the Full Stack iOS 9 School you will learn to master Sketch and Xcode as you create over 10 different apps through hands-on instruction.

Put your newly-learned principles into practice as you design a number of apps in Sketch 3 and Xcode, to show how powerful this design application can be. You will also develop expertise in Swift, to learn the different libraries and frameworks used to build great iOS applications.

Courses included:

What is User Experience?

Designing the Acorns Screen

Designing the MadLibs App

Designing the Note Taker App

Designing the Yahoo! Digest App

Exploring iOS Design Guidelines

Mastering Sketch

Prototyping with Framer.js

Prototyping with Xcode

Introduction to Swift

Developing the Ad Lib App

Developing the Note Taker App

Developing TapTap

Developing SuperCalc

Developing Munchie Monsters

Developing Perfect Places

Learn at your own pace and on your own schedule, and by course’s end, you’ll have created 10 apps and stacked your resume with tangible experience. At 80 percent off, TNW Deals has taken out the guesswork – it’s time to level up!

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