Win a MonoRover R2 ‘Hoverboard’

Win a MonoRover R2 ‘Hoverboard’

Welcome to the future, where hoverboards have wheels!

Alright, technically they don’t, but the MonoRover R2 is as close as the consumer market can currently get to the future-tech dreams we’ve had since we were kids. And through TNW Deals, you can win one of your very own in our MonoRover R2 ‘Hoverboard’ Giveaway!

The MonoRover is a skateboard-sized answer to a Segway, an awesome little self-balancing  transportation device that allows you to turn on a dime while sensors and gyroscopic technology help keep you upright. You’ll reach speeds up to 8 mph while rolling across town, rolling through the grocery store, away from throngs of jealous passersby and more. The MonoRover is lightweight, safe, power-efficient and, best of all, easy to learn and drive.

Winning is simple – just head to the contest page and fill out the online entry form with your valid email address, and you’re automatically entered.

Share the giveaway on Twitter, and once you get some friends to enter, you’ll receive additional entries to win. One registration per person please!

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