Become a software developer with the Coding 101 bundle

Become a software developer with the Coding 101 bundle

Basic coding is a valuable skill most anyone can learn in a few hours. The Coding 101 Bundle at TNW Deals is a great place to start, with eight courses covering the fundamentals of web and app development.

The tuition is designed for complete beginners, and it is delivered by way of straightforward video tutorials. After taking your first few steps in HTML, CSS, and Javascript with the Introduction to Web Development course, you can extend your knowledge of these languages in separate tracks, along with jQuery, the JavaScript framework.

On the app development side, you are shown how to create iOS and Android apps with HTML5, and build iOS apps natively with Apple’s language, Swift. You can also get to grips with C, the grandaddy of programming, and the popular upstart, Python.

It is a total of 31 hours of tuition, with each of the courses providing plenty of hands-on learning. The bundle takes 99 percent off the regular price, and gives you lifetime access. Grab it now to begin your coding education.

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