How teaching online could be your profitable side business

How teaching online could be your profitable side business

What would you do if you had $1,000 in extra income each month? Would you travel more? Buy that extra gadget? Take a more rewarding job?

These days, almost anyone can create their own profitable online course. In the past few years, a new set of entrepreneurs have been earning a steady income from teaching on the side–on any topic you can imagine.

And we’re not talking about some shady get-rich-quick scheme—thousands of everyday people are making a profit in their spare time, teaching what they know from marketing to watercolor painting.

Here’s the crazy thing: Most successful online course creators aren’t experts with years of industry experience and teaching credentials. Instead they took to first steps to refine their profitable course idea before making it successful.


While some keep their day jobs, others grow their courses into their own lifestyle business. John Azzi and Eliot Arntz, co-founders of, started an online coding school as a side project last April and in the course of just 8 months, they generated over $1M and taught over 100,000 students online.

Now, these results are off-the-charts amazing, but even instructors teaching recreational courses are making money: artist Angela Fehr generated over $8,000 in a month with one of her watercolor painting courses.

Pursuing a part-time business can generate revenue and help you connect with people around the world. It’s all happening right now and to support this trend, check out our brand new TNW Academy course led by Conrad Wadowski, Co-Founder at Fedora on Find Your Profitable Course Idea.

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