77% off a 3-year subscription to Anonymizer Universal VPN

77% off a 3-year subscription to Anonymizer Universal VPN

Whether you work, play, study or shop on the Web, your browsing activity should be private and your transactions secure from hackers. Anonymizer takes care of all that so you can browse without a worry in the world, on your desktops and mobile devices.

Anonymizer’s easy to use apps let you use its encrpyted VPN tunnels so you’re always safe on the Web. Plus, it allows you to connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots safely, and protects you from online data theft.


In addition, your real IP address and location will masked while you browse, so your online activity is completely anonymous. You can also access georestricted sites and access your favorite content from wherever you are.

Staying safe on the Web has never been easier! And we’ve got a great offer on Anonymizer’s incredible service for secure, private browsing. Get access to Anonymizer Universal VPN for three years, for only $55 from TNW Deals!

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