Giveaway: Turn your living room into a 3D theater with this 3D projector

Giveaway: Turn your living room into a 3D theater with this 3D projector

If you love big screens (and don’t we all?), it’s hard to beat a projector.

You see that wall in your living room? A good projector can turn that entire wall into a huge, high quality screen, making your living room feel like an IMAX theater. And if you’re doing the whole IMAX thing…you might as well do it in 3D right? Well now you can actually make that IMAX-in-your-house dream a reality: we’re giving away a 3D Projector at TNW Deals!


Projectors are an often underrated and underused option, but they can be a total game changer compared to a TV. And could there be anything better than getting one for…FREE? Whether you’re looking to replace the TV in your living room or create a brand new home-theater in your garage, this projector will rock your world.

The Optoma HD26 is a full 3D 1080p 3200 lumen DLP projector. It’s got a 25,000:1 contrast ratio, and sports a 3D VESA sync port for RF 3D compatibility. Currently going for $695 on Amazon, this puppy’s got an MSRP of $1,399 – enter the giveaway now to make it yours! You’ll get extra entries for social shares as well.

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