Top drone deals of 2014

Top drone deals of 2014

Ready for some aerial acrobatics? Grab a drone, any drone here at TNW Deals at a special price, and perform smooth flight patterns and cool stunts in your personal airspace!

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The Limited Edition Code Black Drone + HD Camera

Code Black Drone

Whether you’re looking to gift or buy your own first drone, there’s never been a better looking choice than the sleek Code Black Drone. Finished in stunning matte black, the Code Black Drone features beginner and expert flight modes so you can execute simple flight patterns and tricks right out of the box, and more complex maneuvers once you’ve got in some practice.

The Code Black Drone also features an on-board camera to capture footage of your flights in glorious HD quality. Fly incognito for only $89 with free shipping in the US.

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The Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 + Aerial Camera

The Extreme Micro Drone

Small enough to go indoors and out, but powerful enough to also carry its own camera, the Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 is ready for all kinds of cool stunts that you can capture as you fly. Only $74.99 with free global shipping.

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The 3DRobotics IRIS+


Looking for a professional-grade drone for killer videos? If it’s good enough for Richard Branson, it’s good enough for the rest of us. The 3DRobotics IRIS+ can follow pre-determined flight paths, follow you around by tracking your phone’s GPS signal and even fly itself in autopilot mode.

Pair it with a GoPro camera using the included mount for stunning footage. Get yours for just $750 with free shipping in the US.

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The Panther Air Drone with HD Camera


This unique quadrocopter features a light, yet durable foam body with built-in gyro stabilization for effortless stable flight and maneuvers, and a stunt mode for easy flips and tricks that even beginners can pull off.

Plus, the Panther drone includes a bottom mounted 720p HD camera to capture your incredible flights from take-off to landing. Score it for just $110 with free shipping in the US.

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