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This article was published on June 2, 2011

Why joining a fitness social network can actually get you to the gym

Why joining a fitness social network can actually get you to the gym
Francis Tan
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Francis Tan

Francis Tan is the Asia editor of TNW, who is based in the Philippines. He is particularly interested in Asian Internet startups, social me Francis Tan is the Asia editor of TNW, who is based in the Philippines. He is particularly interested in Asian Internet startups, social media and e-commerce. Get in touch with him via Twitter @francistan or Email [email protected].

We all love social networks, right? We’re practically addicted to them — as a matter of fact, if most of us would only spend as much time exercising as we browse social networks, our health problems would be gone. There’s a new social network in town called SixReps and it brings a whole new social networking aspect to fitness.

Question is, would it make you move from your PC to the gym?

Social network rather than a Fitness Tool

While other websites emphasize on being a fitness tool — meaning either a resource of fitness tips and information, individual tracking, equipment sales, and whatnot, SixReps takes on different approach. It’s actually all that with a kick of social networking.

They have created an online environment where people can communicate with others about their diet and/or fitness routine, create and share training logs, ask for comments and suggestions on their progress which creates an ecosystem of individuals looking to keep fit.

5 Ways a Social Network Can Get You to the Gym

1. Get motivated

You can actually talk about fitness in Facebook or Twitter but it’s rather distracting. Having a social network centered on health, fitness, and exercise can help you stay focused. Surrounding yourself with people who share the same goals can actually be motivating especially when discussions about fitness and diet are taking place.

2. See results and get feedback

SixReps lets you record your body statistics, post before and after pictures, and casually solicit for comments. This is helpful because your efforts get validated with the feedback you receive. You will also see measurable results happen first hand — not only in numbers but your overall appearance.

3. Share what works

You can record and share your training program, and at the same time see what others are doing to get the results they are getting. These are fitness routines that actually work and having real people as testimonials (as opposed to something you just read off a Google search) can be pretty convincing.

4. Gym with a buddy

Going to the gym alone can be quite boring, especially if it takes a long drive to get there. SixReps is planning on releasing a feature that will let users find fitness partners that go to the same gym/fitness center with the same fitness goal. It can be motivating, as your buddy can be your support system, or spot weights if needed.

5. Get offers and discounts

SixReps does not only give you perks online but offline as well. The PASSPORT is one of the cool features the site has to offer. It creates an ID for each user so that they can avail themselves of exclusive perks, discounts and freebies, with every gym visit. The team behind SixReps is currently working on creating a mobile version of the ID so that users can use their smartphones to make use of the perks.

From Indonesia to the rest of the world was founded by Denny Santoso, a fitness expert and distributor of Ultimate Nutrition, who is also an author of two books and a fitness/diet blogger, and Sanny Gaddafi, a social network programmer.

SixReps is a startup from Indonesia, but it is currently partnering with a big supplement company from US, which will help them grow their market across other countries once the deal has been finalized.

Lastly, Denny shares a tip to aspiring gym-goers:

Well, you need a good knowledge on fitness, the right movement, and discipline for both fitness and the diet. Without it you will walk on the same place, going nowhere. Fitness is not with one week result. You need to make it a lifestyle.