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This Slack bot lets you relive StumbleUpon’s glory days

In my early years on the internet, I came across StumbleUpon and it changed my life. Bored? Go to StumbleUpon. Want to find a weird video site? Go to StumbleUpon.

For people who don’t know, it was a site with a random button that could take you to amusing sites on the internet. It was perfect for finding content with just a click when social media wasn’t yet at its peak.

Credit: Marketing Fundamentals
Screenshot of StumbleUpon

The site sadly shut down in 2018 and some of its features have been ported to a new product called However, I came across a Slack app earlier this month that lets me relive the glorious era of StumbleUpon.

Bored’s Slack app is designed to help you pass the time on slow days with your colleagues, through games of trivia, roasting, and Spot the Faker. But my colleagues are super serious executives who don’t have any time to mess around during work hours. So, I explored Bored’s last option: take a break.

This one points you to fun sites you can spend some time watching videos or playing mini-games. While exploring these sites, I thought, “Where have I seen this before?”, and StumbleUpon came to my mind. You can’t select categories of exploring new things on the internet like the defunct site,but I will be happy with what I’ve got for now.

Slack app Bored’s Take a break mode that lets you discover random sites — just like StumbleUpon

Until now, I’ve found a site to track how many people are in space right now, and one that lets you watch videos from the “interdimensional cable”. It’s nice to have a set of sites you visit regularly. But from time to time, I also want a handy random button that could transport me to wonderland.

You can download the Bored app from here.

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Published February 15, 2021 - 9:38 am UTC

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