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This article was published on October 31, 2017

    Not Just a Cool New Thing: 8 Ways Technology is Improving Education

    Not Just a Cool New Thing: 8 Ways Technology is Improving Education
    Zach McGavin
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    Zach McGavin

    I'm a freelance writer and a health enthusiast. I am also in the industry of home improvement for quite some time now and I use my experienc I'm a freelance writer and a health enthusiast. I am also in the industry of home improvement for quite some time now and I use my experience as my primary source of reference when I write.

    With the world of technology keeps growing, so is the means of gathering and sharing information in our midst. Thanks to technology, we are now enjoying the benefits different that social media platforms provide. Cat gifs and viral, funny political memes on the internet are sure to be fun. But while technology can give us the laughs, it also can provide us the smarts.

    For example, technology is helping teachers to go beyond linear, text-based education and make student engagement and performance more efficient. Technology also makes students learn best in their learning pace and styles.

    Its role in the classroom has also evolved into an interactive learning tool that could improve how we introduce concepts, assign tasks, or assess progress. In combination with all these, here are the ways technology have revolutionized the learning landscape for the better.

    Learning via Open-Source Resources

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    The 21st-century technological revolution brings us the open-source movement. The trend provides free and open-source education options available from prestigious universities and schools.

    What is remarkable about the open-source movement is that it level the playing fields between the rich and the poor. It means driven people, no matter what social status they belong, are now able to educate themselves with this latest in technology and education. For sure, this is a benefit not only for them but also for all of us.

    Better Simulations and Models

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    Gone are the days when teachers use traditional learning visual aids that, instead of aiding students to improve their learning, only complicates the process. Nowadays, we can now demonstrate to students why mixing particular chemicals is dangerous, how molecules act in different situations, and what evolution is with clear and interactive digital visual aids.

    Digital simulations and models help teachers explain concepts that are just too big or too small to demonstrate in a physical classroom. Teachers who are tech-savvy can now create learning activities with text, models, and interactive controls that help improve student learning.

    You Can Now Finish a Degree Online

    With the growing popularity of online educational platforms and curriculum resources such as the Khan Academy, USATestPrep, and Coursera, more and more people are now gaining knowledge and education online. This trend is going to continue, with colleges starting to give real diploma for completing online courses.

    Improved Communication

    Ineffective communication among teachers and students is sure to be a hindrance to learning and education.

    Thanks to technology, there is now an improvement in the ways and flow of knowledge at every level. The classroom transforms into a community where teachers post assignments in no time, and students can ask questions for clarifications. Moreover, students can now interact with their peers concerning relevant education matters.

    Quick and Advanced Research

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    With the advent of the cloud to store information, web-based research has now become more convenient and efficient. Unlike the old days when one would have to go through massive piles of books to look for the intended pages, research is now easier with efficient searching tools.

    You will now have more time internalizing new information and ideas learned because of the time saved by the research process using technology. The capability to compare research results by students worldwide has made possible the easier acquisition of solutions and enhanced results. For sure, this is one the most obvious benefits of technology in a student’s life.

    Students Can Now Learn at Their Pace

    Each student has a different ability to grasp and learn a particular concept. While we consider some students as quick learners, there are others who must take a considerable time to absorb a given lesson or idea. With technology, slow learners can now keep pace with their peers because there are lessons and curriculum online specially designed for them.

    Slow learners can now study and learn concepts at their convenience and will have ample time to consult their teachers privately for a better understanding.

    Learning is Now Fun

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    With the use of technology, students are now enjoying their studying more than ever. It is essential because student engagement to a particular learning task helps improve the retention rate of new concepts.

    Tablets, computers, and laptops used in classrooms make an otherwise dull subject into something more fun. Where there is a difficulty in understanding a subject, a student can look for a live streaming video online for a different approach to an idea and better understanding.

    More Efficient Assessment

    Not only that digital models and simulations are powerful tools for teaching concepts, but it can also provide teachers a much clearer picture as to their students’ progress.

    There is also computer software that will enable teachers to gather real-time assessment data from their students. Every time the teacher gives out learning tasks, he or she can notice how far along students are, how much time they spend on each question, and whether they are doing good on a subject.

    With this data, he or she can assess whether the students are having a hard time with a concept, and can provide examples of students’ work on a projector for discussion.


    Education is essential for all of us to live in a modern society and offer our contributions to the world. As they say, education is the passport to the future. Hence, we need to keep learning so that we will be able to prepare ourselves for what comes for tomorrow. With the advent of technology, the landscape and ways of learning also change. We need to improve the ways we learn to keep pace with the fast-changing world. There are many applications, online learning platforms, and educational resources on the internet for this purpose. We only need to take advantage of them.