Get brilliant audio and active noise cancellation with this holiday-friendly earbuds for just $31.99

TLDR: The xFyro Active Noise Cancelling AI-Powered Wireless Earbuds block out outside noise while providing premium audio reproduction, all on sale now for under $32.

Headphones and earbuds of all types have been trumpeting about noise cancellation for years. That often means passive noise cancellation, which is basically the seal created when an earbud fills the ear canal, blocking out many sounds from reaching the eardrum. It’s crude, but often effective. However, blocking your hearing isn’t always practical or safe, which led to active noise cancellation systems that are now often found in more expensive headphones.

However, every once in a while, you’ll sometimes find active noise cancellation in audio gear that’s also reasonably priced. That’s the case with the xFyro Active Noise Cancelling AI-Powered Wireless Earbuds ($31.99 after code BFSAVE20 from TNW Deals).

Active noise cancellation takes the initiative when it comes to sound filtering, and these xFyro buds have four built-in mics that are actually listening to anything and everything happening around the listener. Using its whip-smart AI-powered algorithm, the earbuds can identify more than 6,000 real world sounds and decide what to filter out when you’re plugged in — and what should get through.

So while everyday room noise, background TVs, or noisy appliances will get aced out by this set’s algorithmic gatekeepers, important sounds like sirens and alarms or people speaking directly to the wearer will be allowed through to reach the listener’s ear even with loud music playing.

In addition to that stellar feature, this earbud set serves up some dynamic sound as well, featuring 7mm drivers crafted from graphene, one of the strongest, thinnest materials available. The unique acoustics help deliver powerful and crisp sound without the usual distortion that happens when vibration eventually begins shaking and ultimately misaligning the components deep inside lesser earbud drivers.

Despite all that fine craftsmanship, the xFyro earbuds are no lightweights once they’re out in the world. They’re sporting an IPX5 water resistance rating and pack a beefy battery that can deliver all your favorite audio for up to 100 hours with the help of their included charging case.

Regularly $250, the xFyro Active Noise Cancelling AI-Powered Wireless Earbuds are not only heavily discounted, but as part of the TNW Deals’ Black Friday Early Access Sale, they’re also an additional 20 percent off when shoppers use the code BFSAVE20 during checkout. That drops the final price for these powerful headphones to just $31.99.

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Published November 25, 2021 - 2:00 pm UTC

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