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This article was published on July 31, 2012

Facebook is rolling out an Instapaper-style ‘save it later’ feature

Facebook is rolling out an Instapaper-style ‘save it later’ feature

Facebook has begun introducing an Instapaper-style ‘save it later’ feature which has already been rolled out to a selected batch of iPad and iPhone users, according to an iMore report.

We haven’t seen the feature ‘in the wild’ but its premise is pretty straight forward. As the name suggests, Facebook’s selected lab rats can stash stories in a ‘saved’ folder simply by pressing and holding them from within the mobile app, or mobile Web site.

The saved folder has been added the favourites section main user menu, where it sits below ‘friends’, ‘news feed’ and other well used links. Privacy is a huge issue or Facebook users but the feature keeps all saved links and stories private to users.

Facebook hasn’t announced the feature but the company, which regularly tinkers with new additions in closed tests, is bringing the feature to the desktop and (presumably also) other mobile devices as The Verge reports.

Although it won’t trouble the likes of Instapaper and Pocket in its early form, if it is able to push out beyond Facebook’s social network — as a number of Facebook features have — then it could be an interesting one to watch.

We reached out to Facebook for further details.

Image via Flickr / West.M