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This article was published on November 4, 2017

    Design Links the World with Infinite Possibilities

    Design Links the World with Infinite Possibilities
    Shahid Mansuri
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    Shahid Mansuri

    Chief Executive Officer

    Shahid Mansuri co-founded Peerbits, one of the leading mobile app development companies, in 2011. His visionary leadership and flamboyant ma Shahid Mansuri co-founded Peerbits, one of the leading mobile app development companies, in 2011. His visionary leadership and flamboyant management style has yield fruitful results for the company. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business. Being an avid nature lover, he likes to flaunt his pajamas on beach during the vacations.

    According to New York Times, in just a few years, internet and new technologies have made our world flat with various barriers between East and West removed due to globalization. In an era of fast transformation, design has served as a bridge for international exchanges.

    Design links the world

    As Italian genius designer Stefano Giovannoni mentioned in “Design Evolution Theory”: “Being innovative doesn’t mean thinking about projects in a simpler way, in fact, most of the time, innovation is a challenge for designers and enterprises to improve certain typologies and to further improve the state of art, which means a kind of risky operations in a complex system that requires a lot of investment. Skills and advanced professional competence are important factors in the success of a company or product”.

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    As the hardware Silicon Valley of the world, Shenzhen has a complete supply chain with talents, designers. It can be said that when equipped with all these professional factors, Shenzhen needs to seek for innovation. In 2015 Shenzhen selected 10 young makers to western maker space, mass entrepreneurship platform, incubators, and accelerators. And western innovation inspires Shenzhen makers while Shenzhen’s initiative in design also surprised their western peers.

    David Li, founder of China’s first maker space, expressed his support in going abroad for innovation, “In fact, the West is curious about Shenzhen, with great expectations, but there is also much misunderstanding that Shenzhen is a big factory. Shenzhen should be more confident to build an international platform. ”

    In addition to building an international platform by maker movement, design is also a bridge to connect the world. British industrial design master Michael Young opened his first studio in Hong Kong in 2006, one of the most competitive cities and one of the freest economies in the world, also the first one in China. Shenzhen was incomparable to Hong Kong in innovation design at that time. But in 2017, Michael Young opens his studio in Sino-Finnish Design Park Phase II, the first one in China mainland, which indicates his positive attitude to Shenzhen design.

    One of the reasons why Shenzhen has reached Hong Kong in design in just a few years is that Shenzhen not only presents its design to the world but also introduces international design resources. Since 2011, Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association has organized a top design delegation to 100% London Fair to display Shenzhen design innovation to the world, and to learn from international design masters and enterprises. In 2014, Shenzhen Pavilion was escalated into China Pavilion, which shows the design level of Shenzhen is gradually in line with international standards.

    In addition to attending overseas exhibitions, Shenzhen is also working on an industrial design fair with local characteristics and international standards. In 2013 Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair came out, with many innovative fine exhibits from over 30 countries and regions on display in Shenzhen, and world-class design masters are invited to share their design theories.

    As far as local enterprises concerned, Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair is a platform for cooperation between local manufacturing and international industrial design. The mode of design-manufacturing docking makes it easier for global enterprises to have business cooperation. It is shown that during SZIDF, there are 980 docking meetings between domestic and overseas enterprises, with hundreds of potential cooperation case.

    When taking part in SZIDF, Michael Young praised Shenzhen industrial design that the development of SZIDF is the miniature of the development of industrial design in Shenzhen. On SZIDF he has reached cooperation with Chinese manufacturing, which is the example of how international designers with Chinese enterprises create new opportunities.