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This article was published on April 14, 2015

All 75 startups that will pitch on stage at TNW Conference: The votes are in!

All 75 startups that will pitch on stage at TNW Conference: The votes are in!
Matthew Elworthy
Story by

Matthew Elworthy

Marketing Manager, TNW Events

Last week, we invited the public to submit their votes for their favorite startups taking part in our Boost program, powered by Braintree. You had the power to put 50 of the most promising early-stage companies on stage at TNW Conference in Amsterdam on April 23 & 24 – and after 35,000 votes, the results are in.

You can find the full list of 75 startups that will be pitching on stage below; 50 of which were selected by public vote and 25 by our independent investor jury. Check them out or take what could be your final chance to purchase a conference pass. There are now less than 100 tickets to TNW Conference remaining!

From: Poland startup-adgibbon
AdGibbon is an easy-to-use self-service platform for building amazing mobile rich media ad units. Easy. Mobile. Advertising. 

From: USA startup-animaker
Animaker is a DIY tool for creating your own animated videos for effective video marketing.

From: Netherlands startup-animo
Animo is the quickest date-picker for appointments in the near future. Make an invitation in just 5 seconds and send it to your friends with apps like WhatApp.

From: Belgium  startup-assisto
Assisto is an intuitive, fast and easy to use app for reporting any type of vehicle accident to your insurance company. 

From: Netherlands  BarDoggy logo - black - 1.0 - 130800121
BarDoggy let’s you contact your guests before they arrive! Turn your bar into a #SmartBar and join the future of hospitality. 

From: Greece startup-bethere
Bethere is the coolest way to know in advance where your friends are planning to be next. 

Beyond Sports
From: Netherlands startup-beyondsports
Beyond Sports provides both players and training staff with better insights, experience and improvements of training methods trough Virtual Reality. 

From: Netherlands
Same hotel. Better price. Bidroom.com


From: Sweden startup-bokio
Bokio is a simple and user-friendly administration tool for the SME community providing invoicing, accounting and payroll – for free, always. 

Book’n’Bloom startup-booknbloom
From: Cyprus
Book’n’Bloom is a Facebook integrated business management tool that allows small appointment-led businesses to operate across social and mobile channels.

BookLikes startup-booklikes
From: Poland
BookLikes claims to be the world’s number one blog platform designed for book bloggers, reviewers, authors and publishers. 

Bookya startup-bookya
From: Malaysia
Bookya matches artists with promoters in a more efficient way, while creating a transparent and standardized booking process for everyone 

Braineet Startup-Braineet
From: France

Braineet is the best way to share your smart ideas with brands in order to make products and services better. 

From: UAE
Bridg is a payment platform for the developing world that allows businesses of any size to accept cashless payments. 

Campr startup-campr
From: Belgium
Campr is a social traveling platform where you can find unique camping experiences. 

Catch It
From: India startup-catchit
Catch It allows you to share content based on proximity. Throw anything to people around you. 

From: Israel startup-communit
Commun.it is an intelligent community management system that automatically determines and carries out actions that bring move value for community managers.

From: United Kingdom  startup-credithq
CreditHQ is a simple online tool that helps SMEs improve their cash flow by offering insight into the financial health of their customers.  

From: the Netherlandsstartup-dabbawalla
Dabballawa provides healthy, yummy lunches that vary every day, delivered directly to your desk. 

From: Belgiumstartup-dot
Dot wants to become the defacto platform for geo-located information, initially via its multi-layered mobile app. Think about it like the Wikipedia of location services. 

From: Israel startup-drupe
Drupe is your contacts, your way. A brand new way to communicate with your contacts. Because address books are so 90s!

From: Swedenstartup-dreamler
Dreamler is an artificially intelligent tool that turns to-do lists into a community-powered visual planning game. 

eKids startup-ekids
From: Netherlands
eKids provides daycare management from A to Z – the last manager you will ever need! 

ekipa.co startup-ekipa
From: Netherlands
ekipa.co is a global marketplace for sourcing elite software teams

esolidar startup-esolidar
From: Portugal
esolidar provides e-commerce powered crowdfunding for charities – buy, sell and contribute to a charitable cause. 

From: Israel startup-elephone
Elephone is creating an intelligent, social and global dialler that lets you identify incoming calls, control how you appear when you call others and find the places and people you love!

Fan Valley startup-fanvalley
From: Portugal
Giving fans a voice – Fan Valley is the app where football fans across the world vote, rate events, predict matches and support their clubs. 

FastPortal startup-fastportal
From: Netherlands
FastPortal offers easy, secure and affordable customer self-service portals for all SME service providers – from accountants & lawyers to designers & cobblers. 

startup-fitwellFrom: Turkey
FitWell is a top notch coaching app that guides and motivates people to achieve their fitness goals. 

From: Spain 
is a content curation tool for community managers and small business that aims to save users time and deliver the best engagement. 

Hello Customer startup-hellocustomer
From: Belgium
Hello Customer is an innovative CX software focusing on measuring and understanding satisfaction, enabling users to become truly customer-centric. 

From: Netherlands  startup-highstreet
Highstreet is a mobile commerce app platform that turns your existing webshop into a premium branded shopping app that your customers will love. 

I Hate Statistics startup-ihatestatistics
From: Netherlands
I Hate Statistics helps you traverse the jungle of Standard Deviations, Z-indices, t-tests and more. It’s the fastest way to learn statistics! (and the funniest too.. :) 

From: Netherlands  startup-iloveme
iloveme is the mobile app to actively work on your own happiness, whenever and wherever you want! 

Instant Magazine startup-instantmagazine
From: the Netherlands
Instant Magazine claims to be the world’s first tool for creating full responsive digital magazines. From smartphones to smart TVs. Animated templates, full screen video, forms, personalisation – it’s all here. 

From: Netherlands kollabo_logo_1
Kollabo is here to supports impact makers with great ideas to find the right people. 

From: Italy
Lelylan is building the Connected Home through its open API and a ready to use app for ‘Smart Products’. 

Mediametric startup-mediametric
From: Russia
Mediametric provides great media analytics for journalists, marketers and PR specialists. 

From: United Kingdom startup-mainlaws
Mainlaws offer Lawyers as a Service, on-demand, swift access to 100 legal subject matter experts around the Globe. 15 Practise areas. 5 Time zones. 1 click.  

From: Netherlands
Meetberry helps you to connect to something greater, so that you & your organisation can grow alongside your host workplace. 


From: Netherlands startup-minibrew
Minibrew makes brewing beer so easy that anyone can do it – experience the world’s first small batch, all-in-one beer brewing system.  

From: Norway startup-museai
Museai is an app for musicians and songwriters, that focus on maintaining the creative flow when you create music. 

From: Belgium
neoScores brings you sheet music as it should be. Digital. logo-neoscores-349x100

From: Romania startup-netwok
Netwok uses geolocation magic to maximize the opportunity to establish, manage and pitch for new business collaborations wherever you are.

From: Maldives
Openhotelier simplifies travel distribution by giving travel agents direct real-time access to room allocation of lodging providers. 

From: USA
PackagePeer is a network which connects online shoppers with neighbors that volunteer to take delivery of goods in their name for a fee.

startup-paranoidfanParanoid Fan
From: USA
Paranoid Fan is a sports-centric social network for mobile devices – a place where sports fans can make new friends.

From: Spainstartup-parquo
Parquo lets users book parking spots with up to a 50% discount or make up to €200 a month renting out their space.

From: Netherlands startup-partup
Got a job to do and need a team? Just say so. Part-up is the teamwork platform that connects you to the talent that you’re looking for.

From: United Kingdom startup-playbrush
PLAYBRUSH makes brushing teeth fun by transforming your toothbrush into a mobile gaming controller. For kids & young-at-heart grown-ups only!

Present  startup-present
From: Singapore
Present is a free social video diary. Capturing your life’s journey has never been more convenient & easy!

From: USA publicize_logo__1_
Publicize is transforming the way that startups approach PR.  

Rankle startup-rankle
From: Switzerland
Rankle is an innovative web content recommendation and search tool, matching user rated content with user interests. 

From: Netherlands startup-resnap
ReSnap uses smart algorithms to produce online photo books from your best photos in under a minute. 

Savah App startup-savahapp
From: United Kingdom
Savah App offers high-fidelity prototyping for web and mobile apps without any code. A collaborative tool that streamlines feedback right on the design screen. 

From: Belgium  startup-sentiance
Sentiance unlocks contextual mobile experiences by mining sensor data on smartphones, wearables and connected devices. 

From: Germany startup-setting
Setting.io provides short-term bookings of office space – the Airbnb for workspaces 

Somewhere startup-somewhere
From: United Kingdom
Somewhere let’s you share your work and find your people – cultural based matching for companies and employees.

SponsorMyEvent startup-sponsormyevent
From: Luxembourg
SponsorMyEvent is a marketplace that matches event-organizers with event-sponsors. It is the booking.com of the event industry. 

From: Switzerland startup-spottedmap
Spottedmap is the Tinder for missed connections: it enables you to reconnect with people you randomly meet in everyday life. 

Storygami startup-storygami
From: United Kingdom
Storygami makes online videos smarter by allowing users to add layers of interactivity that increase audience engagement and retention. 

From: Netherlands startup-studentworld
Student.world is a social platform to connect students worldwide. Share with many and use the intuitive structure to discover more!

Swift Shift startup-swiftshift
From: United Kingdom
Swift Shift allows you to deploy staff across stores in minutes based on real time operations data.

Synkick  startup-synkick
From: Netherlands
Synkick are changing the way people interact with music. Never argue again about what to play next!

From: Belgium LOGO tsjing_custom4_OUTLINES_transparant website
tsjing is an intelligent smartphone ordering application for one of the sexiest industries in the world – hospitality.

From: Belgium  startup-teamleader
Teamleader is a unified tool for CRM, invoicing and project planning. Easy to use, accessible at any time and at any place. 

From: Australia startup-teamster
Teamster connects people who enjoy the same sport and allows everyone to see what sports activities their friends have planned for the week

The LearnScape
From: Belgium startup-thelearnscape
The LearnScape is a learning eco-system that uses social apps, e-coaching and safe intranet to stimulate formal and informal learning. 

From: Netherlands  startup-uscout
UScout helps professional scouts to find the sports stars of tomorrow faster. Spot your talent in an online, data-driven community. 

From: USA startup-viosk
Viosk is all you need for your animated business video. Just select a template, edit your content, and render your video. 

From: United Kingdomstartup-waffle
Waffle provides instant access to your favourite events: Tap into Coachella, the Grand Prix or even International Waffle Day. Download now and make your mark.

From: Poland startup-wealtharc (1)
WealthArc is an asset management system as a service: leverage data to put your portfolio on a winning trajectory.

From: Netherlands startup-yeller
Yeller lets you share your taxi in 3 steps: 1. enter destination + time 2. find a match + chat 3. book a taxi straight from the app

You Know Watt
From: Belgium  startup-youknowwatt
You Know Watt is your electrical consumption shazam: Find out how much energy you’re using with each electrical appliance.  

zMerce startup-zmerce
From: Netherlands
The zMerce Mi8 Marketing Intelligence Suite saves time and money with automated customer profile enrichment and automated marketing actions. 


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