A core part of our program this year is our roundtable sessions. NOW sessions are designed for you to share and gather knowledge on a specific topic, while our Afterhours sessions are simple informal conversations about anything and everything.

From 4:30pm until 5:30pm

  • Erica Keswin

    Founder, The Spaghetti Project

    Expertise Workplace Relations, Work Values

  • Mary Cass

    Trends Analyst, J. Walter Thompson

    Expertise Cannabis Economy, Consumer Trends

  • Deborah Jackson

    CEO, Plum Alley

    Expertise Investor, Founder

  • Carrie khoLi

    Founder & Executive Director, Khafra Company

    Expertise Incubation, Engagement

  • Kate O'Neill

    Tech Humanist, KO Insights

    Expertise Human experience, Tech futurism

    Fully Booked
  • Tiago Luchini

    Partner of Tech, Work & CO

    Expertise Technology, Business Strategy

    Fully Booked
  • Sancar Sahin

    Marketing Director, Typeform

    Expertise Content Marketing, Branding

    Fully Booked
  • Tina Essmaker

    Co-founder, The Great Discontent

    Expertise Curating Creativity & Community , Entrepreneurship

    Fully Booked
  • Jon Levy

    Author, The 2AM Principle

    Expertise Human Behavior Science of Influence, Adventure

    Fully Booked
  • Piers Fawkes

    Founder, PSFK

    Expertise Experiential Marketing, Generation Z

    Fully Booked
  • Tom Connaughton

    SVP Creative Content & Programming, Vevo

    Expertise Content Marketing & Digital Music Campaigns

    Fully Booked
  • Shana Dressler

    Co-founder, NYC Innovation Collective

    Expertise Diversity & Inclusion, Startup eco-system

    Fully Booked
  • Pamela Pavliscak

    CEO, Change Sciences

    Expertise Emotionally intelligent machines, Conversational AI

    Fully Booked
  • Sabrina Dridje

    Managing Director, The Telly Awards

    Expertise Media Innovation, VR

    Fully Booked
  • Galia Benartzi

    Co-founder, Bancor

    Expertise Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

    Fully Booked
  • Jon Troutman

    Co-founder, Canary

    Expertise User Experience Design, Branding

    Fully Booked
  • Sam Mandel

    CEO, Poncho

    Expertise Startups, Conversational AI

    Fully Booked
  • Ryan Feit

    Co-founder & CEO, SeedInvest

    Expertise Investor, Founder

    Fully Booked
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