eBay and PayPal announce drives to boost mobile commerce in 2012

eBay and PayPal announce drives to boost mobile commerce in 2012

At Mobile World Congress, eBay and its PayPal subsidiary have today announced a brace of partnerships aimed at boosting the mobile commerce economy.

PayPal has launched the PayPal Carrier Payment Network, with the aim of making mobile carrier payments more viable for a wider number of online merchants. The initiative will see PayPal work with over 250 mobile carriers and more than 1,500 digital goods merchants to create standards around user experience and to increase flexibility of carrier payments.

Meanwhile, eBay and PayPal have announced new mobile commerce partnerships. In the UK, eBay has partnered with mobile network Three to pre-load Android devices with eBay’s app. Also, Yotel will soon allow consumers to book rooms at its  flagship New York hotel, and at its hotels at London Heathrow and Gatwick, and Amsterdam Schiphol airports.

PayPal support supposedly reaps rewards. In Spain, ticketing company Entradas.com has launched support for mobile ticket payments via PayPal, reportedly seeing more than 15% of customers purchase tickets this way in the few weeks the capability has been live.

In 2012, eBay expects to see retail volume of $8 billion in mobile commerce, while PayPal expects to process $7 billion worth of  mobile payments.

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